In the beginning was the word

The word is powerful

Watch your tounge it is said

Humanity did not listen


Words bear divine meanings

Words are not of supreme communication

Words are manifested thoughts

Words are vibrations 


We are vibrations

Vibrations of thought

Of intelligent energy

Trying to catch up

With ourselves

But tripping on words

Falling, down the stairs


Get up son!

Caught up on divine meanings

Tripping on labels

Falling on judgement

Trying to find the path of truth

In the jungle of dualism


Western Science

Start reducing

What can be questioned

You are left with your thought

Cogito ergo sum

Understand it

You are

Western science is a naive belief

Their foundation is that of

It needs to be captured on an instrument

And reproduced, to be believed

Yet the only thing without doubt –

The thoughtform

Does not exist

According to science

Science is merely an instrument

Just like us

We are instruments

Instruments of understanding

The mystery of the unknown

The mystery of the infinite

The mystery of creation

The mystery of my story

The Law

The law in society is no law

The law in society

Is but the thoughts of some

The law is of free will

So the law, is up to you

You are the master

What do you want?

Creation is at your hands

The reality is yours

To create upon

No side of the coin is unloved

Both tell their story

Both have equal rights

Both sides it the side

There are no sides

No polarity

To say you shalt not

Is not in harmony 

With free will

There is no good

There is no bad

There is only the difference

Different journeys

Journeys in ocean of unity


Art is a myth

A myth in society

It does not have a place

In the society of greed

Alejandro Jodorowsky

All the movies, hollywoods movies, are saying

This picture cost 500 million dollars and will make that amount of dollar, ah it’s fantastic

They are not art, it’s business

Then myself I will make art

I will make a picture in order to lose everything i put inside

Art is what holds truth

It is not of price

It is

For the creator

And the observer


Turn away from history

By learning history

Many of us today

Does not know history

Does not care to look into history

Does not question history

History as we know it

Is not always our story

Our story contains much more.

You must know from where you came

In order to know where to go from here

To know today

Is to evaluate yesterday

And envision tomorrow

No song tell the same story

What is music?

How can it be of such power?

It moves your spirit.

It moves your body.

What is sound?


What is a vibration?

Something that you can be in harmony with.

Something you can be in disharmony with.

You decide


Your compass.

Look at it.

The nail.

Where does it point?

Do you know where?

Do you know why?

Towards compassion…

or towards competition?


To see

What is it to see?

Look around.

Where is it?

Some say, mind creates consciousness.

Look around.

Where do you see the surroundings?

Your consciousness is out there.

Yet in here.

How can it be?

What is light?

It contains everything.

It is intelligent.

It is love.

It is building ground.

Watch it.

It is the journey.

What do you judge upon?

To search the truth, is to be able rationalise in harmony.

The truth is the truth.

The ground needs to be solid.

Else the ladder will fall.

The truth is the mystery.

There is no them.

There is only us.

Know it.

Feel it.

Judge upon it.

The strangest journey

You are everything.

You are I.

You are The Creator.

On a journey.

The journey of understanding.

The journey of love.

The journey of compassion.

The infinite journey.